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Our main activity is the supply of machines, media and chemicals which are used in the field of chemically accelerated vibratory finishing, Isotropic Super Finishing and other selected superfinishing processes. It has always been the policy of Osro to supply only the very best products that are available for a particular application. We have no manufacturing base and are therefore unbiased when assessing the best equipment, chemicals and materials for a particular application.


Osro work closely with Rösler, the worlds largest and leading manufacture of metal finishing equipment. The close proximity of the two companies allows us to develop, together with Rösler engineers, machines and installations which are tailor made to fit individual customers requirements. This cooperation also has the advantage for the customer that spare parts and service are available at extremely short notice.
In some cases we also have one off, or special, machines manufactured by other European suppliers. 
The range of equipment offered includes:

  • Vibratory bowl machines with a capacity from 20 to 3000 litres.
  • Vibratory tub machines with a capacity 20 to 2000 litres.
  • Double curved wall machines with and without automatic unloading.
  • Special machines for the processing of Blisks.
  • Special machines for ISF processing of Hollow Wheel gears weighing up to 5000 kgs.


We offer a complete range of extremely high quality media. All our ceramic and plastic media is produced either in Europe or the USA by ISO 9000 certified companies. The range of media on offer extends to over several thousand geometrical shapes and sizes. We will also develop media mixes to produce the exact finish required by the customer. These special medias are then supplied to the customer as a ready to use mix. In this manner the process requirements remain constant as do the process results.


Osro are the exclusive agents for REM in Germany. As such we offer all the chemicals required to carry out chemically accelerated vibratory and Isotropic Super Finishing processes. The great majority of the chemicals are held in stock in our warehouse in Krefeld. Other chemicals can be supplied at short notice from the REM central European warehouse in the UK. We also offer chemicals and pastes used in other super finishing process. All chemicals supplied by Osro are manufactured in Europe by ISO 9000 certified companies.

Effluent Treatment

We supply a complete range of effluent treatment systems ranging from a simple small recirculation centrifugal separator to a complete turnkey effluent treatment and waste disposal plant. We also offer all the necessary water treatment chemicals and flocculating agents.

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